Oh Canada

It’ll soon be ten years since I first started my bike trip across this country.

On the one hand, ten years is a lot of time. But let’s avoid my own personal overwhelming and depressing phobia of age and death – does ten years mean much to a country?

It’s been about ten years since the millennium – both of them. Perhaps you remember we had two. Technically it started in 2001, because that’s when our first manned mission to Jupiter almost ended in disaster when the on-board computer killed most of the crew. But most people associate it with the year 2000, or Y2K, because that’s when the world ended, due to a worldwide collapse of all computer technology, followed by being overrun by giant ants.

That’s how I remember it anyway.

Since then we’ve overthrown our ant overlords and things are more or less back to normal – aside from the giant space baby looking down at us all the time. Really creeps me out.

But aside from all that, what has changed in Canada? I guess we have a conservative federal government instead of liberal, we’ve got that whole recession thing we’re still recovering from, and we just had the winter Olympics.

Wait a dang minute.

Conservative government, recession recovery, recent winter olympics…?

Did we go back ten years instead of ahead?