The thing about juggling is that at any given moment, most of your balls are in the air. For the would-be writer, this is the post appropriate metaphor I can think of, and it probably applies to most lines of freelance work. Until you “make it” (and sometimes even then) you spend most of your time producing stories, synopsis, proposals, and sending them off.

Then you wait. A lot. So you work on something else and send it off, and something else and then send it off, and so on. When it came to finding a publisher or agent I sometimes send fifty letters off at a time, but then those were largely the same thing, just different people. But I’ve also had a half dozen different short stories sent off to different magazines as well.

Right now I have four different balls in the air. I’m waiting for feedback from my agent on a book I wrote, a contract to come through from a publisher so I can be a freelance editor for them, word on whether or not a different novel will be accepted by them, and the new proposal I recently submitted. Should never have sent it on a Friday, what was I thinking?

So now I’m stuck waiting for one of those balls to come back down or toss another one up into the air. Some of those balls have been up there an awful long time, too. I’m worried they got stuck in the rafters.