It’s the Little Things…

Moods are funny things. The tiniest thing going right or wrong can tip me into a good or bad mood. No, I’m not bipolar, I think it’s true for everyone to a greater or lesser extent. Some things just give us hope and others feel like evil omens, we can’t shake the lingering feeling either gives even though in and of themselves they aren’t that big a deal.

For example, rejection letters. Most rejection letters I’ve gotten are of a strictly neutral nature, form letters because publishers are quite busy and have hundreds of more people to reject besides me. These don’t bother me per se (though getting several in one day might sting a little). However, occasionally you’ll get something more personal, either a letter intended just for you or a note scrawled in the side of the standard form letter.

If this personalized note is of an encouraging nature I’ll have a smile on my face the rest of the day, even though I’ve been rejected. If, however, I screwed up somehow (perhaps I sent a SF story to a magazine that doesn’t print SF), the resulting rebuke can be a downer and make me wonder what the hell I’m doing trying to be a writer, anyway.

Geeze, even to me that sounds bipolar. I’m not, I swear!

I’m just trying to explain how little things can make big differences to us. If you look at a baby and it laughs, can you resist smiling? Pretty dang hard. So obviously a bit of good or bad news can raise or crush your spirits whenever you think about it.

For me today it’s the former. I’ve been working on a proposal for the better part of a week now, and after tons of second guessing, second opinions, and second thoughts, decided to send it in. I’d had a lot of great feedback from people which I believe made the proposal as good as it was going to get.

Within an hour, I got a reply. They liked it, and while they themselves were not in a position to greenlight it, they forwarded it to four departments to see if any of them were interested. It’s not a bite. It’s barely a nibble. But it was enough to put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Oh, and I also got a free caramel frappuccino at Starbucks. Awesome.