Ideas That Die Young

How many great ideas never see the light of day? You’d think that any idea with merit would somehow make itself come to pass. What’s the old saying, “You can’t stop progress?”

Only an idea is like a seed, and a seed isn’t a tree, it’s potential. If you cut down a forest and plant a thousand saplings, each one of them has the potential to become a great tree. But some will be trampled, or eaten, or otherwise destroyed before it had a chance. Those that remain will grow as fast as they can. Those that catch more sunlight and rain will grow even faster, while those caught in the shade won’t, until they are overshadowed by the trees around them and doomed.

In the end, of those thousand saplings maybe a hundred reach their full potential and become a old growth forest. Yet each of those thousand saplings were just as capable as the others of making it. Those that made it were not genetically superior, they were more fortunate.

I figure ideas work the same way. The idea I’m working on is good. It’s full of potential. And yet there is every chance it will be stepped on before it has a chance to grow, and even if it’s not stepped on it could end up in the shade of others. All things being equal, the odds of success aren’t good. So what do you do?

You do your damndest to make sure all things aren’t equal, and hire yourself a lumberjack.