The Time Machine

Time is a strange thing.  We look at desiccated mummies and comment on how well preserved they are, but compared to what?  It’s not as if they look like they’re ALIVE.  But of course had the body been left in anything other than a peat bog or frozen mountainside it would have long since vanished, broken down into compost and dust.

Before Gill and I left for Japan we stored much of our stuff at Gillian’s parents.  I can’t even remember half of it and look forward to exploring it all once we have a place.  But one thing I came across already is Gillian’s old bike.  This bike has been in storage for nearly a decade, but when I took it out it was in perfect condition, bright and shiny like new.  Nothing needed to be replaced, only the tires needed to be inflated.

It was actually a bit disconcerting.  I’ve had my recumbent almost as long and the years show on it.  Granted it’s also travelled well over 10,000km in the last ten years and wears its scars proudly, but still, taking this bike out was like pulling it out of a time machine.  No dust, nothing faded, nothing needing replacement, a decade had passed and it’s identical to how it went into storage.

Weird.  Spooky.  Neat!

Also, I’ve posted some pictures on Facebook, in case you haven’t been alerted for one reason or another.  For those not on Facebook, you should be able to view the pictures still by clicking here: