Update from B.C.

Well it’s been a week since Gill and I returned to Canada, just in time for the end of the Paralympic Games.  Now that we’ve settled in and I’ve almost entirely recovered from that flu, I’ve come to one conclusion

Sechelt is a bit isolating.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful here.  Mountains, forest, ocean, rivers, you name it.  But there is this sense that the only way into Vancouver is through the ferry, and while it is possible to get a bus to the ferry it more or less feels like we rely on Gill’s parents to get around.  Even the town of Sechelt is a fair distance away, walking there and back takes a good couple of hours.  Fortunately I just discovered Gill’s old bicycle (barely used) still in storage here, so that won’t be a problem now.

We went into Vancouver yesterday to watch a play called “Paradise Garden.”  While it was entertaining and okay, I can’t honestly call it “good.”  It had a certain “overacting” vibe to it, not just in the acting, but the writing.  Like it wasn’t about people, but people transformed into archetypes, almost iconic, but the content of the play didn’t really back that up.  The resolutions felt contrived and a bit cliché.  It wasn’t bad, but it did remind me that I can do better, and I should be writing again, despite my various setbacks.  I need to set some time aside for myself in the morning while everyone else takes their time getting up to do it.  Oh, it doesn’t help that my netbook is being repaired right now.  The computer I’m using right now isn’t exactly portable.  I got used to writing in a Notebook v1.0 (ie paper and pen) in the last year, but I still need my netbook to transfer that into.  Or maybe I don’t, might just be a crutch.

Anyway, enough of that.  Unfortunately our cross Canada plans are in trouble.  Gill’s last paycheck came in and it was much less than we expected.  Combine that with us spending more than we expected on our trip before leaving England and we basically have to reevaluate what we’re going to do.  We might have to limit our trip to Alberta for now and Toronto later unless we can find something.  Or maybe just put off the whole damn thing.  I hate to do it, but the way the British Pound is so terrible against the Canadian Dollar (like 1.5 to 1 instead of 2 to 1) it means what savings we had (including the savings we intended not to touch but might have to) are slashed.

Nobody’s driving out to Alberta, I take it?  Extra trunk space? 😉