The Road To Canada

It’s hard to believe how busy I’ve been the last week.  Wyatt arrived on the 8th and I haven’t had a rest since.

Let’s see what I remember…

In London we visited the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum.  We would have visited more but every excursion was accompanied by endless shopping diversions.  Now, I have nothing against shopping, but it’s not something I do for fun.  Still, I learned a few things about shoes, I guess.  He actually made me think buying a pair of Churches would be a good idea.

We also saw a number of shows.  The 39 Steps is a comedy based off the Alfred Hitchcock film which he loved.  We got box seats which really added to the experience. Wicked is one of the most popular shows in the West End, and was performed in the largest theatre we’ve been in yet.  Gill loved that one.  Then we saw a movie called MicMacs (directed by Jean-Pierre Junet, French director who did Amelie and A Very Long Engagement) which was interesting, but flawed.

Next up was travelling to Leicester.  We stayed at a Holiday Inn there and visited Grandma Edna every day, enjoyed tea and pleasant conversations.  I’m glad Wyatt had another chance to visit her. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to come back to England again in the future.

We also visited a number of local historic sites, the Guildhall was a well persevered city centre building dating back centuries.  Unlike many such places which you feel forced along a single path and unable to interact with anything, it let you wander as you saw fit, and only some furniture was hands-off.  There was also a local museum and cathedral which were interesting.

Then we were off to Edinburgh.  Rather than take a 5 hour train trip with two changeovers we took a direct flight which took 1 hour and cost the same.  Go figure.

We’re staying at a hostel now and have been exploring the old town up and down the Royal Mile.  Edinburgh is to me what London should be in terms of a huge city with preserved historic buildings.  Fantastic. We’re going to the castle today.

Anyhoo, will update again when I get a chance, almost out of time on the net.  Later, y’all!