Bad Haircut Day

I’ve been cutting my own hair since my first year at university in Ottawa, and over time I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  Well, I don’t suck anyway.  The only time I’ve paid for a haircut was at my wedding.

It used to be that I just gave myself a simple buzz cut and let it grow out, short setting on the sides and back, long on the top.  Nothing fancy.  But even the longest clipper setting is too short for my liking, so I took to using my fingers as a length guide much like hairdressers do.  By now I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  Over the next couple of days I might spot a length I missed and correct it with scissors, but overall it works well.

But we all make mistakes.  While trying to get rid of my sideburns I kind of overdid it.  Then noticed how asymmetrical it was on the other side, so I corrected, only to overdo it again.

You ever see that cartoon where someone wants to divide a cake evenly, eating a little bit off of the piece that is bigger to try and make them even only to realize he has to do it to the other half of the cake, and by the end he’s eaten the whole cake?

Yeah, I had to stop before THAT happened to me.  My god I managed to give myself a haircut that makes me look like I’m wearing a toupee!  Not even a good one, one of those obvious fakes!  Like it’s sliding backwards going to fall off the back of my head

Maybe if I wear glasses with REALLY thick arms it will cover this mess up…