Proof you don’t have to be big to be a hero

A petite Asian woman who faced down a mob to defuse a racial row on an Underground train – and received a round of applause from fellow passengers – was hailed as a heroine today.

Now one of those who witnessed the incident is trying to track her down so she can be identified and her courage acknowledged.

James Scott, a musician, has posted appeals entitled “Woman on the Tube – a true heroine of our times” on message boards such as Facebook and to try to identify the woman, whom he described as “just a waif of a girl”.

Mr Scott today described what happened during the incident on the Central Line train at Mile End in east London at about 6.20pm on Friday.

He said a mob of around 10 young men were shouting abuse at an Asian man and refusing to let him into the carriage. “Then this Asian girl told them to apologise and to recognise that it was unacceptable,” he added.

Mr Scott said that she showed “remarkable persuasive ability” and by the time the group left the train, they were apologising to her. She was applauded by other passengers in the same carriage.

He added: “She wouldn’t have stood a chance against them if they had turned on her.”