The Fourth Kind

No, I haven’t seen this movie. Don’t really intend to.

I was just thinking yesterday about the title, and come to the conclusion that I hate it.

The Fourth Kind of alien encounter is abduction?  Really?  At least the “three” kinds have a plausibly scientific feel to it.  Sighting, Evidence, Contact.  A natural progression of proof.  Then this comes along and says the next logical step in this chain is Abduction?  That just throws the credibility of the previous three out the window.  It’s like a lawyer arguing “Motive, Method, Opportunity, TEMPLARS DID IT!”

And of course, this movie is supposedly based on “actual events.”  Which of course means crazy people being taken seriously.  It’s really no different than conspiracy theorists, just a different outlet.

It also got me thinking that we’re back in an age where aliens are meant to be viewed as dangerous and possibly malevolent “others.”  When was the last time the possibility of alien contact was popularly viewed as a “good thing”?