Just Desserts

Just had to share this story.  This isn’t one of those handed down endlessly friend of a friend stories.  This happened to the poster at the Kenzer forum I frequent, who works at WalMart

Today I had a really rude customer and her bad toddler in the store.(wal-mart)

They bought a birthday cake while in a rush. Like a 80$ cake for about 50 people. HUGE.

the toddler is running around hitting people, and the mother doesn’t care. When asked about it, she lets out a string of expletives.

She goes to a line (not mine) and berates the clerk for not being fast enough. I decide to step in and help bag. The toddler starts hitting me. I tell the mother she needs to keep her child under control. She then calls me a $#%@ and tells me to hurry up.

At the end, after she paid, lots of people are watching, and my managers are about to tell her not to come back.

She picks up her cake and turns around. Her son punches her in the (bleep!) and she drops the cake on his head, dropping it on her son, getting on both of them.

After a long cussing session she DEMANDED another cake. My managers told her no, and that she will not be allowed into the store again. I had to leave my register, as I was laughing so darn hard. I couldn’t hide it.

I love a happy ending.