Lead Up to Bike Trip

I must admit, I always have a mixture of excitement and dread when I’m getting ready for a big bike trip.  Excitement because I’m waking myself out of a multiple year stupor of monotonous regular normality. I mean, Jesus Chirst, can you believe it’s been over two years since I biked to Germany?  That’s insane.  I hate Father Time and all his minions and will reign death and destruction upon him one day!

Anyway, the dread comes from the fact that I always do this ALONE. Which I don’t care for one bit.  But it’s not like I have a choice. The Germany trip wasn’t so bad because I had made Couch Surfing arrangements so I met new people every day and felt reasonably secure. This time, though it’ll be mostly camping in unknown circumstances.

The plan is I’ll be stopping off to see Grandma and Alex first in Leicester, then head over to Mount Snowden in Wales and hike up that. Time and weather permitting I might head to Norfolk after that.

At first I planned on taking the A5 road there, as it goes past Leicester and passes close to Snowden (and practically runs past our doorstep here as well).  Seemed convenient, but checking the route online it looks BORING.  Practically a highway.  Which is a shame, really, since it’s also where a great Roman road used to be.

Instead I’m going to use the National Bike Network, but this will require getting specific maps for whatever routes I want to use.  I’ve learned my lesson after Germany, relying on vauge maps covering large areas with little detail was not effective, and forced me to stay on major roads which was rarely to my advantage.

So hopefully the network (though it appears to be haphazard and choppy at times) will be scenic and worth my while.

I’ll be taking a solar charger for my phone, eBook reader, iPod, etc. The one I took to Germany got wrecked, so this one I’m making sure is waterproof.  I’ve got a much better camera so my video and photos should look great.

Doubt I’ll try to get online regularly, though.  So expect an update after I’m done in all likelihood.

Here’s hoping I don’t die horribly!