Minor Victory – New Book Finished

It’s funny to be celebrating my third book being finished when the first one hasn’t even been published yet, but there you have it.  Yesterday I finished the first draft of my latest novel, tentatively titled either Red Light Books or Last Dance at the Yellow Kitten.  It’s over 95,000 words at this stage, but before I put it away and try to forget about it for a couple of months there are a number of little ret-cons I need to do which will end up extending that to 100,000 I think.  I should be done that stage by the weekend.  Then it’s time to let it drain.

What I’ll be doing in the meantime is going back to my second novel (Bleeding Heart Yard) and doing a major edit on that, then submitting it to the agent to get her opinion.  So anyone out there who has offered to read it and give me their opinion, I’m hoping you get back to me soon 🙂