Looking to the future – My next adventure?

I’ve got two weeks vacation coming up in September/October and for a while I was thinking of biking across England top to bottom.  But then I was thinking I wanted to do something that was more, I dunno, eventful.  I wanted a different goal or challange to look forward to, and so I think I got it.

Biking from London to Mount Snowden (highest mountain in England/Wales), then climbing it.  I did Fuji a number of years ago, and this won’t be as difficult, but it’s supposed to be a worthy hiking challenge with a great view.  It won’t take me two weeks to get there, though, nowhere near, so I’m thinking of taking a ferry to Dublin after that, and maybe biking all the way back as well (different route) to round out the time.  I could bike through Leicester there and back again as well to visit Grandma and Alex 🙂

Given that Gill and I are probably going back to Canada early next year (Jan/Feb-ish) it would be a good last hurrah for me here, I think.