Hiking through Callela

Today is our last full day in Callela, and while we thought about
going back to Barcelona for another day, it occurred to us that there
was probably (well, hopefully) a fair bit to do here still.  I mean,
it can’t all be beach, hotels and stores, right?

Gillian asked at the concierge who gave us directions to the tourist
information centre.  Turns out there is more to Callela than we
thought.  In fact the hotel is at the bottom of a large wooded park
that winds up into the hill that looms over us.  So we decided to go
for a stroll through that.

I ended up having to piggy back Gillian up a fair ways, where it got
too steep and uneven for her to navigate easily, but it was worth it.
There’s a great view from the top and for me it was worth it just
being able to ramble through the woods aimlessly scouting ahead (more
often than not finding dead ends and coming back for Gill where I left
her).  It’s certainly a whole other ecosystem here, unlike anything in
Canada, Japan or England.

Coming back down from the park we took a different route, and, since
we were coming down from a height greater than our hotel, realized
with some surprise that the roof of our hotel is in fact open to the
guests, with deck chairs, tables, open bar and three jacuzzis
available.  Naturally we went straight up there after lunch.  The roof
of the hotel has a great view on its own right, and we could clearly
see what we’re planning to be tomorrow’s goal before we leave for the
airport – the old 19th century optical telegraph towers on the hilltop
by the beach.