I Love a Good Hangout

When I was working at Ferringdon I always sent for my lunch breaks to the Wetherspoon’s pub for a cup of tea or coffee.  I’d do some writing or editing there.  It was a nice place, even if it’s sense of pub-ness was sadly of the mass manufactured variety (ie looks like an old pub but there is a werehouse out there that supplies ALL Wetherspoons so they can all look like old pubs).  When in Kilburn I used to stay at the Tricycle Theater’s cafe, which was also pretty nice, but a bit too sterile, white and flourescent.

So it’s nice when you discover (or are told of) a nice out of the way place that serves good food, has nice atmosphere, isn’t too expensive and, best of all, has free wi-fi.

I’m currently in a place called the Sun and Doves, and it doesn’t pretend to be an old pub, it’s a modern pub with an organic atmosphere.  Proper lighting, a distinctly non mass produced atmosphere, and artwork from local artist for sale on every wall.  I just had a burger where you could tell that the meat was, by God, a real proper patty.  Unbelievably thick, cooked perfectly, and excellent value.  Nice pot of Earl Grey tea to go along with it, only slightly more expensive than what I’d pay at the Weatherspoons.  Busy but not crowded, lively, but not noisy.  A perfect place to work and hang out in away from home.