Thoughts on Agency Meeting Tomorrow

So it looks like I’m speaking to the senior agent at Pollinger Limited. You’d think I’d be excited, but I’m not. After two years of revision and rejection it’s difficult to get excited about anything related to this book anymore. Besides, I know this isn’t the end yet.

You see the junior agent, Hayley, sent the novel to the senior agent, Tim. Tim read the first three chapters and had Hayley arrange the meeting. It’s the three chapters bit that caught my eye. This means only one of two things.

First scenario: Tim reads the first three chapters and think, “I like what I’ve seen, I trust Hayley’s judgment on this, let’s go for it.”

Second scenario: Tim reads the first three chapters and thinks, “I like what I’ve seen, BUT…” the BUT being in all likelihood a request to have a professional editor tweak the hell out of it. As if I haven’t done that enough myself. This happened before with Ali Gunn, my first prospective agent.

But you know if they say that this time I will just go with it. I really don’t care anymore. Hell, they could change Az to a woman and have her have a lesbian relationship with Hanna, I just don’t care. Get me published, give me enough dosh to get me and Gillian the HELL away from this goddamn country.

I’m sorry. I apologize for that outburst. But I really am getting sick of London. There is a growing sense of imminent implosion going on here. Food prices, gas prices, council tax, utility bills, everything is skyrocketing. Probably is everywhere, but London is well on its way to beating out Tokyo for most expensive place to live. And I never felt NEARLY as poor in Tokyo as I do here.

I want out. Seriously. I want out.

Personally I’d like to move to New Zealand next. That would be nice. But Gillian wants to go back to Canada eventually, and I can’t blame her. Hell, Canada is a great country.

Maybe it’s time to go home…