A Special Day

Today is July 7th, 2007, or 07/07/07, which naturally is considered a lucky number and means all manner of events have been scheduled for this day. My cousin got married in Vegas, the Tour de France started, Live Earth happened or something… I dunno. Anyway, a lot of people did a lot of stuff based on the fact the date was made up of the same three prime numbers which happen to be considered lucky, and I wasn’t going to be an exception.

First of all, we went to see the Tour de France. Neither of us are that interested in it, but it was an excuse for a nice day out, and I do admire the stamina and determination of these riders. And I’ll be going on my own bike adventure through Europe soon enough. We went to James’ Park and chilled out under a tree on a picnic blanket, had some lunch, and enjoyed a beautiful day. We were right close to the finish line of the time trials.

See those earrings? Those are the dice earrings I got her a couple years ago (Gillian is a gamer like me). I asked her to wear them today.

After that, we went for a long walk, hoping to reach Forbidden Planet (comic book and gaming store), passing Buckingham Palace on the way.

Gillian thought the last picture was funny, since it seemed to emphasize the coming together of France and England. Also these stalls are right next to Buckingham Palace (the Tour race today went right by it).

At Forbidden Planet I bought Gillian the latest Jasper Fforde book, “First Among Sequels” since she is a big Jasper Fforde fan (almost as much as she’s a Terry Pratchett fan) and it would give her something to read when she goes back to Canada. But we couldn’t stay long. I told her we had to rush off soon, but she had no idea why.

Another long walk. She wonders where we’re going and I tell her, you’re right, I don’t know where we’re going. We need a map. So I pull a map out of her purse (which I placed in there earlier without her knowledge). We follow this map which leads us to the Thames River, to the courtyard of Sommerset House, where you can walk among the fountains.

What’s this? A restaurant in Somerset House? The Admiralty Restaurant? Why this looks quite posh, don’t you think? What’s that? I have a reservation already? How convenient!

The food here looked expensive and it was. I just wish I had pictures of it. Each was a work of art. But we couldn’t stay long here, either. It turned out there was another map! This one in my vest. Wonder what that’s doing there? This time I have Gillian lead the way. It’s up to her to make sure we get there on time! No pressure!

What’s this? A Theatre? Playing Lord of the Rings? What? We have a reservation all ready? How convenient!

I had to borrow these images from other sources, no photography in the theatre of course. The last is of the theatre from the outside, back when The Producers was there.

So we enjoyed the play, and had a good time. Myself, I was a bit annoyed by its choice of compression for the play, but was impressed by the technical aspects of it. It was certainly amazing to see how they did the Balrog, Dark Riders, Shelob, Gollum falling into the Mt Doom, etc… it’s worth watching.

So the play ends and we go home, right?


On the way out I pretend I left something back in the theatre and go to talk to the ushers. After all, once you leave you’re not supposed to go back in. I ask the usher a few questions, he asks the manager, and I get the go ahead.

I come back to tell Gillian that it’s okay, I can go back in and get what I dropped. I have Gillian come with me. But we don’t go back to our seats.

Instead, I take her up onto the stage. The manager turns on the lights

That’s right. I formally proposed to Gillian on the actual set of Lord of the Rings.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a romantic/geeky gesture, here is the ring:

It’s in Elvish script and says:

One ring to show our love,
One ring to bind us,
One ring to seal our love,
and forever to entwine us.

I can’t afford a diamond ring, but more importantly I don’t believe in them. That’s as much hype from DeBeers as chocolate on Valentines’ Day is hype from Cadbury. Such a ring, such a moment, should be as unique to the people involved as possible, and this ring and its message means far more than a chunk of compressed carbon.

And, also bucking with tradition, I have one too.

Yeah, sure, call me a geek. But I bet it’s the most romantic thing you’ve heard in a long time.