A Perfect Moment – A Crappy Moment

Okay, get this.  I’m working at the Soho bookstore when this family comes in shopping.  I get talking to the guy and eventually it comes out that he’s a publisher.  New publishing company but putting out 80 titles this year (including Gene Wilder’s first ever novel – My French Whore: A Love Story).

Well, of course I’m going to try and take advantage of the situation. I go behind the counter and plunk down my draft copy of The  Professional Tourist in front of him.  He’s into it, and he’s certainly not just being polite.  I know this because his wife had to leave to find a toilet for their toddler, so he had a perfect excuse to get out of there.  Instead we talk for about a half hour about publishing, writing, and all that stuff.  While we talk he scans over the first dozen pages of the book and asks me to send him a copy. Which I’ll do on Monday.

So that means I’ve got two publishers and an agent looking it over.  Yay me!

Then later that day, a 12 year old girl who tried to get to the adult store downstairs spat in my face when I wouldn’t let her pass.


You gotta love a society where kids know they can get away with crap like that because I would get in far more trouble than she ever would if I so much as touched her after that.