Stranger Than Fiction

Just saw this movie and I really liked it.  Gillian and I got front row center seats, which was cool because after the film there was a Q&A with Emma Thompson!

Now here is the really weird thing, but I’m afraid that only Wyatt will understand the oddness of it.  You see, Emma Thompson the person has a different personality than Emma Thompson the actress.  She’s much more “common” in her tone and attitude, has a quirky sense of humour, and is quick to sidetrack with jokes and acknowledgements.

In fact, she talks and acts a LOT like Aunt Alex!  I couldn’t even put my finger on it, but the whole Q&A (I talked to her directly as well) I kept thinking “why does she remind me of someone else?”  I kept thinking of other actresses, or other characters played by actresses, but nothing clicked.  Then Gillian mentioned Alex and suddenly I realized that was it.  She totally acts like her.


Anyhoo, cool movie, I really liked it.  Go see!