Finally moved in

Well, for better or worse, it’s done.

We signed the lease, paid the first month in advance, got the keys, and are now in the process of moving our stuff in.  We brought our main suitcases yesterday, today we are shopping for bedding and other little things, tomorrow we will probably go back and refill our suitcases with more stuff from the boxes I sent Manny.  Then on Friday we go to Leicester for Christmas holidays 😀

It seems that I am only about 10k from the dead center of town, which should be easy for me to do by bike once I get it fixed up.  They have roads that are also designated for bicycling, so it should be okay.

We are at an internet cafe, by the way.  Haven’t got a phone line or internet yet, and the red tape/beaucracy on that matter could be a nightmare as well.  Gillian said it could take 2 weeks to get a phone line set up. WTF?

Now comes the hard part, after Christmas we have to redouble our efforts finding a job.  I’ve sent out over two dozen applications and only recieved polite rejections from several of them (and one of them clearly personalized not a form letter).  So, I might have to look into getting a headhunting  company to help me out, though I don’t exactly know how that works or who to trust.  I might also look into the english language schools here and see if I can teach english in the meantime as well.

Anyways, will write more later.  That’s all for now.