London Update

Merry Chirstmas, Happy Holidays, and Many Aplologies

Apologies because for obvious reasons I won’t be able to get most of
you anything for Christmas, or I should say, in time for Christmas.
But keep in mind once we have jobs and have earned a paycheck there
will be much gift giving abounding muchly generously (darn Engrish, I
haven’t shaken it yet from Japan!)

We will be going to visit Grandma and Grandpa over the holidays, and
as such might be out of contact until after Boxing Day.  We are hoping
to call Grandma (in Oshawa) on Christmas Day, and hopefully Wyatt will
be there as well.

We will be sending video footage of our place, before and after we got
everything set up, at a later date, along with video of the
neighbourhood we live in.  It’s a smallish apartment, but it is nice,
and anyone visiting London is more than welcome to stay with us, there
is enough room.  Heck, once we have jobs we’re thinking about getting
a kind of half-bunk-bed-loft kind of set up that would allow us to
have a double bed on top, and a computer workstation underneath.  That
would be cool, and would free up a LOT of space.  We just have to make
sure we can get a Gillian-Friendly ladder.  But that’s for another

For now, we make do with a double bed and our empty suitcases
subsitute for a table for our computer.  We haven’t yet got the wheels
in motion for the telephone, but hopefully will soon.  Same goes for
internet (found a better and closer internet cafe by the way).

Happy Holidays!